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Is CBD Effective for Lowering Blood Pressure?
Jan 17, 2021 | Posted by: GreenWay DNA

As with any medication or treatment, the most important aspect of what you take is the amount that you injest. With CBD, one of the most common mistakes made by people looking for relief is that they don't know their individualized dosage. 

With the CBD craze in full effect, getting true data and information out of the brands in the space is incredibly difficult and the reliability is questionable. 

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DNA Based Psychedelic Dosages - The Future is near
Jan 16, 2021 | Posted by: GreenWay DNA

As we have seen with CBD and THC, the use of pharmacogenetics (how people respond differently to drug therapy based upon their genetic makeup or genes) is the only way to standardize alternative medicine. 

One of the biggest challenges that people face when looking outside of traditional medicine is the lack of understanding and science as it pertains to individualized dosages.

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CBD Dosage Calculator - How Much To Start?
Jan 09, 2021 | Posted by: GreenWay DNA

Have you heard about the benefits of CBD or THC but don't know how much to start out on? 

This is one of the most common reasons why people either choose not to try CBD/THC or they try it but don't get their desired effects. Luckily, Greenway DNA makes the process simple. 

Greenway DNA has revolutionized wellness through genetics and is able to give you recommended dosages for whatever you are trying to combat. 

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