About Us

How We Got Here

The founders of Greenway DNA came together around a vision of providing personalized information that will help accelerate each individual’s path to wellness with the natural-healing powers of cannabinoids, the medicinal compounds produced by cannabis and hemp. We realized that bringing individuals the knowledge, based on their personal genetic information, of how their endocannabinoid system might be predisposed to function in response to phytocannabinoids (those cannabinoids that are produced by cannabis and hemp) would provide useful information for better understanding the potential efficacy of dose regimes of cannabinoids for the relief of conditions such as pain, anxiety, sleep disorders and other conditions.

A very personal story is at the heart of our mission.  One of our founders’ mother, who is 78 years-old, suffers from Parkinson’s disease.  The medication she was taking to control her tremors caused her to vomit for 30 minutes after medicating and was not an effective relief for her tremors; she still needed someone to feed her.  After investigation into cannabis treatments for Parkinson’s, she was open to trying cannabis products, but she did not want to experience a “high” from the treatment. We spent 4 months and about $4,000 trying different rations of cannabinoids (CBD to THC ratios) until we discovered a CBD:THC ratio that addressed her tremors and did not make her “high”. Further, the appropriate CBD:THC ratio eliminated the side effects that she had previously experienced with her pharmaceutical prescription medication. Hearing about what was working for other people during this “trial and error” period but not working for this 78-year-old, it was clear that a path of wellness beyond randomly searching for the right dose and ratio of CBD and THC. GreenWay DNA is that better path to wellness!

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Greenway DNA is your first step on an informed path to wellness with medicinal cannabis products.

Our Founders

Ry Wagner

Executive Leadership

Gregg Steinberg

Chief Executive Officer

John Eustermann

Chief Legal Officer

Alex Liu

Chief Technical Officer

Tom O'Donnell

Chief Operations Officer

Robert Brown

Chief Development Officer

Expert Advisory Board

Dr. Sandra Carillo

Dr. Sandra Carrillo is a leading international medical cannabinoid specialist with a clinical practice in Colombia, a country well known for its place in the history of the illicit cannabis industry. She is leading the charge for the legalization of medical cannabis in Panama. It’s been slow road to legalization in Panama but there’s been an integral first step largely driven by Dr. Carrillo: the inclusion of a Scientific Program of Medical Cannabis at University of Panama, Faculty of Medicine.

Dr. Janice Knox

Dr. Janice spent 32 years as a board-certified anesthesiologist before becoming an Endocannabinology and Cannabinology specialist. As a cofounder of the American Cannabionoid Clinics, Dr Janice resonates the importance of understanding the pharmacology of cannabis and the intricate physiology of the endocannabinoid system to better create products and services as a result of that understanding.

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