Overseas Product

Overseas Product

Overseas Product


Our DNA analysis uses GreenWay DNA only, proprietary, comprehensive, patent-pending genetic test for approximately 20 genes and 40 genetic variants associated with cannabinoid and THC responses. We implement sequencing based genotyping technology and provide the most reliable genetic data.

Activating Your Kit

IMPORTANT! In order to get your test results, you NEED to complete this step.


Visit greenway.com/activate to activate your kit.

This step MUST be completed to get your results.


Enter the activation code found on the side of your testing tube.

Collecting Your DNA

Please remember not to eat, drink, smoke or chew gum 30 minutes before collecting your DNA.


Fill the tube with your saliva (not including bubbles) to the black line.

Be careful not to go too far above the mark.


To release the stabilizing fluid, close the lid and press firmly until you hear a loud click.


Once the solution has been emptied into the tube, unscrew the funnel lid and throw it away.


To prevent leakage or spilling, fasten the small cap onto the tube.


Shake it for at least 5 seconds to mix the fluids. This helps our lab get you the most accurate results.


Place the tube in the prepaid mailing box, seal it with the adhesive strip and send in your sample.

What Happens Next

Once we receive your sample, you’ll hear from us in just 6-8 weeks.


After just 3-4 weeks, you’ll get an email containing the results of our lab’s analysis.


With your DNA results in hand, consult a physician to help plan out your customized treatment plan.