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Your First Trip to a Dispensary
May 12, 2019 | Posted by: GreenWay DNA

So, you have made the decision to try CBD or THC to help manage or alleviate some ailment that you have. If you have been battling this ailment (or ailments) by endlessly trying different doctors, waiting on referrals, countless internet searches, or any number of experimental treatments, then take a deep breath and relax because this process is going to be much easier. This new endeavor may involve one office visit, one trip to your local dispensary and one test. That’s it!

Depending on what state you live in you may or may not need a doctor’s recommendation to purchase THC and some CBD products. Here in California, you no longer need a doctor’s recommendation to purchase THC or CBD, although prices will be lower for medical patients.

While each of us is different in how we approach a task, I would like to offer up several suggestions that may make you feel more comfortable and help you on your path to wellness:

The first step would be to take a Greenway DNA saliva test so that you will know exactly what genetic variants you have that effect how your body metabolizes CBD and THC. This test will also provide you with a recommended dosage and a card to present to the dispensary so you can eliminate the trial and error guess work of using cannabis products.

Second, locate the web site of the dispensary you plan to visit, or several that may be in your area. Look at each web site and pick one that is likely to meet your initial expectations. Be sure which ever dispensary you choose has all the necessary credentials and permits as this will ensure that the products you purchase have been tested and meet your states necessary standards.

Next, look through the dispensaries menu and familiarize yourself with the different types of ingestion methods, flavors or types of products you may want to try. For those of you focusing on CBD or a CBD/ THC mix, I would recommend an oil-based product as this promotes absorption by the body more effectively than some of the other options. But again, find something that you would like to try and that you feel comfortable taking. There are a variety of different ingestion methods and each will hold its own pros and cons.

This is also a good time for you to research the products offered. Take a moment to visit several company websites and learn about their products. Learn about what these products typically do, or how you may expect to feel. Write down questions you may have that you can ask your customer service representative (bud tender) at the dispensary. A full understanding of what you want, how the product is made, and your personalized dosage recommendation from your GreenWay DNA card will help your comfort level and confidence that you starting out prepared.

Also, keep in mind that you may want to go during slower business times so you will not feel pressured by crowds. Lastly, I would recommend consulting your primary doctor before pursuing any remedies related to your health, especially if you are currently taking medication and are under the care of a physician.

There you go, this sums up the basics of your first trip to the dispensary! With a little time spent researching and your GreenWay DNA personalized dosage recommendations you are truly empowering your path to wellness.