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CBD Dosage Calculator - How Much To Start?
Jan 09, 2021 | Posted by: GreenWay DNA

Have you heard about the benefits of CBD or THC, but don't know how much to start out on? 

This is one of the most common reasons why people either choose not to try CBD/THC or they try it but don't get their desired effects. Luckily, Greenway DNA makes the process simple. 

Greenway DNA has revolutionized wellness through genetics and is able to give you recommended dosages for whatever you are trying to combat. 

Want to see what a personalized report looks like? Click Here for an example.

With a team of veteran geneticists and scientists, we have created a patent-pending DNA test kit that can identify your pre-dispositions and figure out how big of a dose you should be taking for chronic pain, anxiety, insomnia, and many more. 

Similar to that of or, we use your own genetics to isolate how your body will react to various doses of Cannabis and CBD. We take the guesswork out and use data backed science to help you achieve your wellness goals. 

Whether you are looking to use CBD for insomnia or Cannabis for pain, knowing the right dose to take is crucial in getting your desired results. 

Our goal is to connect humans with natural medicine in a way that is data driven and clears up all of the messy information surrounding the industry. 

Here is an article with Ry Wagner, our Chief of Science, breaking down the mechanics of the test. Click Here.