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What Can Your DNA Tell Us About Your CBD Dose
Jan 08, 2021 | Posted by: GreenWay DNA

As with any industry, the amount of misinformation being thrown around regarding CBD and dosing is incredibly hard to rifle through. 

We have created a Patent-Pending DNA test that gives you a science based report. This report breaks down each cannabinoid receptor and informs you of how your body is pre-dispositioned to CBD or THC.

With the information provided by our report, you can confidently go to any dispensary or CBD store and purchase the right amount of CBD or THC for your body. 

Some of the main reasons people purchase our DNA test kit are to combat their anxiety, insomnia and chronic pain, but there are countless other uses for CBD and THC. 

Our Mission is to empower people to get the best natural treatment available to them and help make CBD and THC less of a grey area in the medical world. 


For more info and an unbiased review of our process - check out this article.

Excerpt from the article - 

"Is this all making sense so far? It seemed pretty straight-forward to me at this point."

"I received a package in the mail with a tube that the user was prompted to spit into. I had to get enough spit to fill the CBD DNA tube to a certain point. I think It took about 3 minutes of spitting to get it to that point – not hard at all. After that, I had to activate the CBD DNA test kit. Each kit comes with a code that you input into a website. You enter information like your name, age, gender, etc., and put in the code when prompted."



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